Refrigeration and Control Unit

Industrial refrigeration range offered by One Tek is not limited to traditionaln systems but is more diversified depending on the application.

Refrigeration and Control Unit

The CFC based vapor compression system in the form of a compressor rack with varying capacities.

Blast coolers for blast chilling most suitable for fish, meat and poultry and vegetables etc. Blast freezer above -40 and above temperature blast freezing most suitable for fish, meat, poultry and vegetables etc.

Remote monitoring: All the industrial systems offered are equipped with specifically designed control panels that offer the option of remote monitoring and control.

Refrigeration And Control Unit

Refrigeration and Control Unit

CENTRAL REFRIGERATION SYSTEMS These systems are designed and manufactured for the commercial and industrial sectors. Our superior design methodology ensures that our systems remain highly efficient, easy to install, and require very little maintenance while running continuously

Refrigeration Rack System consists of multiple compressors piped together and connected to multiple refrigerated cases. It allows the use of various compressors and condenser fans for cooling more efficiently, conveniently, and compactly than traditional individual refrigeration systems. Multiple compressors attached allow variable cooling instead of simply turning on and off. There are cases when refrigeration required is less or its requirement is decreased with time. In this case, some of the compressors may be turned off while the other is kept in operation to vary refrigeration in evaporator coils